Kayak, SUP, Hiking

One of the most beautiful challenges of the area of ​​Preveza is to experience the alpine landscape of Ziros Lake, an ideal destination for lovers of hiking, cycling, rowing and SUP. A hidden treasure in dense pine forest with high oaks, eucalyptus and holly.

The mysticism of nature in all its grandeur is revealed from wherever you may be, facing the surface of the lake. A huge natural mirror that reflects on the flat surface of the lakeside forest, the sunken trees, the opposite rocky shores and the sky.

Both its perimeter, alternating from the flat ground to a rocky and steep shore uphill and crossing slopes with enormous reddish rocks and with an excellent view of the lake, as well as the path that moves away from the lake and enters a golden-yellow forest with greenish Mountain slopes and red ravines until it reaches the unique geological phenomenon of the Red Clay (Terra Rossa) is impressive.

The magic of the landscape is infinitely multiplied when you find yourself paddled with kayak or sup in the lake as you move away from the shore and feel the exhilarating pulse from the bottom and its tranquility to sensuously hypnotize you.

On top of an elevated forest stretch dominates the cafe-restaurant Lake Ziros where we can enjoy good food, coffee, relaxed music and immense views.

Important archaeological sites worth visiting in the area are the Roman aqueduct of Nikopolis, the Palaeolithic cave of Asprochaliko, the Ancient Vaties and the technical dam of the Louros River.

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Cycling & MT Biking

The route we choose combines in an impressive way the succession of landscapes mountain and sea as it moves into forest dirt roads of incomparable beauty and in altitude 0 to 100 m with mildly and some tough climbs and alternates in idyllic forest passes, with the longest coast of Europe that unfolds lacy without an end for kilometers.

The route starts at the beach of Kanali along the coast of the village and through olive tree gardens and orange groves, and it will lead us to a steep dirt road to the village of Archangelos where we will meet surviving columns of the Roman Aqueduct, and from there we will cross a passable dirt road in dense vegetation with huge plane trees, eucalyptus trees and holm oaks until we get downhill to the village of Smyrtoyla.

From the top of the hill where the monument of Augustus is located we stare with backgrund the Ionian Sea, at the ancient Nikopolis, the Roman walls, the Roman Odeon, the ancient theatre, the nymphaeum, Roman baths and historical points that we will meet on the way up to get to the aesthetic forest of mytikas.

A magical journey into history, through archaeological sites with Mediterranean pine trees and narrow paths. Circling at the spectacular coastal route we will stop at the village of Mytikas at organized cafés to enjoy fresh juices, coffee and definitely the beneficial influence of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Preveza Equestrian Park

The equestrian park is located in Preveza, before Neochori, in the area of Tarana. In an estate of 10 acres we have created the necessary spaces for the well-being and safety of our horses. Our horses have the opportunity to pass the conditions for a harmonious cooperation with humans. The head of the Equestrian Park, Angelos Stylos is certified by the International Equestrian Federation (FEI Level 1 coach), while as a physiotherapist he has specialized in equine therapy and therapeutic riding.

What it provides

-Horse riding lessons for children and adults

They include horse breeding, theoretical knowledge of horse care and equestrian training. The duration of the courses is 30 ‘or 50’.

-Therapeutic riding and hippotherapy

The duration of each session is 30 ‘. It is addressed to people with mental and motor problems, with the aim of improving their health and life, using the horse as a therapeutic tool. Indicative benefits can be improved balance, promotion or improvement of gait, normalization of muscle tone, socialization, improved attention and communication, etc.


They are aimed at children and adults without any pre-requisite experience or education. For younger children the walks take place in the track, while for older children and adults there is the possibility of nature trips, reaching the sea.

Useful information

Location: Neochori Preveza (Tarana area)

Contact phone: +30 6938 365526