Kiani Akti Beach

The beach is located at the entrance of the Amvrakikos gulf and very close to the center of Preveza. It is a beach with shallow waters and fine sand, just a few meters from the paved beach of the city, which makes it easily accessible on foot.

One of the oldest organized beaches in the area, which is surrounded by a beautiful grove. Which makes it unique in its kind, right at the “mouth” that meets the Amvrakikos Gulf in the Ionian, overlooking the aircraft that transport visitors to the nearby airport.

In the Kiani Akti, in addition to a swim, one can enjoy sports activities (swimming pool, basketball, tennis) in the nearby sports complex, a walk in nature, but also to watch the traditional ambali, a sport of old Preveza that is reviving today.


Pantokrator Beach

A beach within the urban fabric of the city of Preveza.

Ideal for lovers of spearfishing, free diving with a mask and for those who are fans of exploring the water richness of the seabed, with many clusters of small rocks, clear and shallow waters, which can turn swimming into a magical alternative experience.

Being a non-busy coast, it is suitable for walks along a path that combines the beauty of nature and historicity with the famous Pantokrator Castle.


Alonaki Fanari beach

Probably the most picturesque beach of the Prefecture of Preveza.

“Hidden” in small streets that lead you to it from the village of Valanidorachi and through a forest of pine trees, emerges a small beautiful cove with a huge rock in the middle.

The crystal clear waters of the bay and its “secrecy” made it a place of special importance during World War II.

The small caves that have been formed and the beautiful landscape make Alonaki a must for those who want to visit the beaches of N. Preveza.



A coastal area of ​​about 6 km, which challenges the visitor to get to know its small and unexplored coves.

Beach that combines the short distance from the city and at the same time the peace and quiet of a remote area.

Ideal place for organized camping or for accommodation in one of the many rooms for rent in Kalamitsi.


Faros Mytikas Beach

Beach ideal for those who choose to explore and do not like crowds.

Following a path or steps from the settlement of Mytikas, you are in front of a beach, which gives you a sense of privacy.

The pebbles on the beach, but also in the sea in the first meters, create reflections and colors, which make this corner of the Ionian unique.

As you walk away from the shore, the clear waters calm and soothe you, especially in the afternoon when the sun sets.

For those who choose to try their hand at swimming, the lighthouse is nearby, which is associated with the identity of the area.


Monolithi beach

The beach-jewel that is a trademark for Preveza. One of the unique areas in the Balkans that combine green and blue so harmoniously.

This is a sandy beach ideal for beach lovers with pebbles and deep crystal clear waters.

It stretches over an area of ​​tens of kilometers, which make it claim the title of the largest sandy beach in the European Union.

The visitor visually enjoys either the deep blue of the Ionian Sea, facing in the background Paxos or the deep green of the aesthetic forest (characterized since 1977) of 660 acres, which offers the possibility for a wellness walk.


Kanali Beach

One of the most developing and popular beaches of the Prefecture of Preveza in recent years.

The old coastal village has been transformed into a tourist pole, which combines high level tourist infrastructure.

The beach reaches 4 km of continuous sandy beach, where the visitor can enjoy his swim in the crystal clear waters of the Ionian and in a few meters to enjoy accommodation in luxury and low cost hotels and rooms for rent, excellent cuisine, coffee, but also to have fun. until late at night.


Kastrosykia beach

The first beach in the municipality of Zaloggos of the Municipality of Preveza which was an organized beach for visitors to the area.

Its shallow waters and the light breeze that often prevails on the beach, make it an ideal destination for those who like activities with a board or a small sail on the sea.

The amphitheater configuration of the beach gives the visitor a beautiful view of the coastal zone of Preveza and the opposite Paxos, when the horizon “clears”, as well as a beautiful sunset in the evening


Artolithia beach

Ideal for families and for those who do not want the busy beaches.

Nature itself takes care to “hide” it to remain virgin, secluded and beautiful, maintaining the mystery of the large rocks that rise in its blue waters.

Nearby one can enjoy fresh Ionian fish in the picturesque taverns.


Vrachos Beach – Loutsa

A beach that is considered as one of the hot destinations for Greeks and foreign visitors in the area.

It emerges as an endless single beach of kilometers with fine sand, in a wooded landscape, at a distance of a few meters there are organized high quality tourism services.

A busy beach during the summer months, which is a pole of entertainment from morning to night.


Ammoudia beach

One of the most ideal beaches for families and young children.

Its shallow sandy blue waters and the wide sandy beach in combination with the large trees next to the beach, for years place it in a top choice for family vacations.

In Ammoudia, the river “Acheron” “ends” creating a beautiful setting next to the beach with a small “canal”, framed by restaurants.

Ideal for surfing.