The municipality of Preveza

The prefecture of Preveza occupies the southwestern part of Epirus, at the entrance of the Amvrakikos gulf, opposite Aktio and has an area of ​​1,036 square kilometers.

It borders north with the prefectures of Ioannina and Thesprotia, east and southeast with the prefecture of Arta.

The exact spot where the city of Preveza is built is at the mouth of the Amvrakikos Gulf, which together with the double delta of the rivers Louros and Arachthos, as well as a system of lagoons, is a rare ecosystem protected by the RAMSAR treaty.


The History

The city after the naval battle in Aktio followed the fate of all the nearby cities from Lefkada to Arta. The Venetians who considered Preveza crucial for their domination of the Ionian Sea finally occupied it in 1717, when they fortified it with a strong castle.

Napoleon’s troops made a brief passage through Preveza in 1798, while in the same year the city was attacked by Ali Pasha who occupied it on behalf of the Turks. Unfortunately, even during the Greek revolution, Preveza remained under Turkish occupation and had to wait until the Balkan wars to become Greek again. During the Second World War, Preveza was tested very hard as it was bombed by the Italians and the Germans.

How to get there

Aktion National Airport (IATAPVKICAOLGPZ) is an airport serving Preveza and Lefkada in Greece. It is also known as Preveza Airport. It is also used by NATO and Hellenic Air Force Command. The airport commenced operations in 1968.

There is regular airline service to and from Athens via the Aktion airport. Charter flights also available during the summer months.

Phone Number: +30 26820 22355

The KTEL of Preveza serves the local transport from Preveza to the most remote village and connects Preveza with Athena, Thessaloniki, Patras, Kozani, Grevena – Veria – Larissa – Trikala daily and all the capitals of the prefectures – Ioannina – Arta – Igoumenitsa – Lefkada – Vonitsa.

Phones – Address

205a Ioannina Ave., 48100 Preveza

Ticket Tickets: 26820 22213

Tourist Office: 26820 61315

In case you wish to travel by taxi you can call the following phones:

2682 022887, 2682 028470, 2682 023750, 2682 028030