Archaeological site of Nikopolis

The Archaeological Site of Nikopolis, which “spreads” over an area of ​​tens of acres, is an archaeological treasure, which aspires to be a Model Archaeological Park of world renown.

The city was founded as a symbol of the great victory of Gaius Julius Caesar Octavian and later Roman emperor Augustus against Marco Antonio and Cleopatra VII of Egypt in Aktio in 31 BC. and flourished during the Roman period.

The visitor can browse among impressive mosaic finds and see up close the Roman walls, the Roman theater, the impressive conservatory, the nymphaeum, the Roman baths of Ancient Nikopolis, Roman houses, as well as the place where the famous M of the victory of Augustus in the naval battle of Aktio.

The visitor can also see the influence of Christianity in Nikopolis, learn about the famous Stoic philosopher Acquired and take part in a “magical journey” to the famous city of Nike.

Ephorate of Antiquities of Preveza
Telephone: +30 26820 89892
Fax: +30 26820 89893


Entire: € 8, Reduced: € 4
The above ticket concerns the Archaeological Museum of Nikopolis (AMN) and the archaeological site of Nikopolis.
Single Ticket: Full: € 8, Reduced: € 4


The archeological site is open: Monday-Friday
Closed: Saturday, Sunday and Holidays


January 1: closed

Epiphany: 08:30 – 15:00

Clear Monday: 08:30 – 15:00

March 25: closed

Good Friday: 08:30 – 15:00

Holy Saturday: 08:30 – 15:00

May 1: closed

Easter Sunday: closed

Easter Monday: 08:30 – 15:00

Of the Holy Spirit: 08:30 – 15:00

August 15: 08:30 – 15:00

October 28: 08:30 – 15:00

Christmas, December 25: closed

December 26: closed

Free Admission Days

March 6 – Memory of Melina Mercouri

April 18 – International Monuments Day

May 18 – International Museum Day

The last weekend of September each year (European Cultural Heritage Days)


Monument of Zalongos

The monumental complex at the top of Mount Zalongo stands haughtily and carries around the world a universal message of sacrifice and freedom.

The international symbolism of the sacrifice of women in Zalongo, is a center of interest for historians, writers and politicians around the world, appears in world masterpieces of art and has made Preveza and Souli world famous.

The Monument of Zalongos stands at the top of the homonymous mountain at an altitude of 765 meters. It depicts on a stone base, 4 giant abstract figures of the Souliotissa and has a reference to the sacrifice of Zalongos . In 1803 the Souliotisses (about 60 in number according to historical sources) surrounded in Zalongo by the Ottoman army, preferred to fall with their babies on the cliff and be sacrificed, rather than live a life of captivity and disgrace. According to historical legend, they danced before falling off a cliff, something that was later captured and praised by world literature.

It is 28 km by road from the city of Preveza (access from the Archangelou-Neraida National Road and through the community of Kamarina).

Access is by car to the Holy Monastery of Agios Dimitrios and the visitor must then climb 410 steps (15-20 minutes) to reach the Monument.

Admission to the Monument is free.

At 200 meters from the Monument at the top there is the monastery of Taxiarchis Michael as a religious attraction.

In Kamarina (distance 3km) there are restaurants (cafes-taverns).

You can combine the visit to the Monument of Zalongos with a visit to the Archaeological site of Kassopi.



Kokkinopilos is a unique geological, natural and archaeological phenomenon in the Balkan Peninsula.

Clay, nature and time took care of a “small miracle” in the “heart” of the Regional Unit of Preveza. It is a complex of hills within the administrative boundaries of the Municipality of Ziros, which creates an almost lunar and eerie image to anyone who is lucky enough to step on these soils and go hiking.

You can visit Kokkinopilos from two points:

From the side of E.O. Preveza-Ioannina, where you park near the village of Agios Georgios and walk for about 500 meters until you reach.

From the provincial road Limni Zirou – Rizovouni – Stefani, where you leave your car at the point where there is a sign “towards Kokkinopilos”, hike in the forest for about 1.5 km and is located on the hills of Kokkinopilos.


Acheron River

The river Acheron is a real wonder of nature that forms a wonderful route  and  an almost κο spooky gorge at the end of the mountains of Paramythia and Souli.

The visitor through a magical natural environment, comes in contact with the icy and clear waters of the mythical river Acheron, experiencing an experience of alternative tourism, which can hardly be found in any part of Greece.

The habitat “Delta and the Straits of Acheron” occupies the northern part of the prefecture of Preveza and a small part of the southern tip of the prefecture of Thesprotia: The west side is the coast of the Ionian Sea, while the east is the Straits of Acheron and the mountain range of the southern ends of the mountains of Soulios and Paramythia.

The location “Springs of Acheron” is 1km from the village Glyki Thesprotia and 2km from the village Vouvopotamos of the Municipality of Parga.

It is an ideal place for rafting, horse riding, hiking on the engraved path and alternative tourism activities.

There are cafes and restaurants in the area “Springs of Acheron”.

Panoramic view of the Gorge and the valley exists from the mountainous parts of the municipal unit of Louros.

Access to the “Gates of Hell” through the provincial road Lourou-Serzianon.

Nearby are the villages of historic Souli.

In summer there are music festivals in the areas of Gliki and the villages of Lakka Souli, along Acheron.


Necromancer of Acheron

The most famous necromancer of the ancient Greek world is located near the northwestern shores of Lake Acherousia, at the confluence of the rivers of Hades, Acheron and Kokytos.

The Necromancer in the village of Mesopotamos of the municipal unit of Fanari of the Municipality of Parga is a monument of world renown, for how the Ancients faced death. A monument that captures the myth of the descent of the dead to Hades, the Underworld, through the river Acheron and the most famous boatman in the world, a process that gave Acheron worldwide fame through painting, literature, sculpture, poetry .

At the Necromancer’s the faithful came to come through a mystical process to get in touch with friends and relatives who are not alive.

The Necromancer is 42 km away. from the city of Preveza through E.O. Preveza-Igoumenitsa (Mesopotamos location), 9 km from Kanalaki (seat of the Municipality of Parga) and 20 km. from the city of Parga.

In the village of Mesopotamos there are restaurants and coffee shops, as well as a pharmacy.

At a distance of one kilometer are the remains of the ancient city of Efyra.

You can combine your visit with a swim at Alonaki Fanari beach, which is only 5 km away.